Governance, Risk, and Value Creation

The Governance Fund Advisors, LLC is a private initiative to foster  the better governance, understanding, and use of risk in the pursuit of  value creation. David R. Koenig is the Founding Principal. The company  received early investment backing from prinicipals at two private equity  firms, a private investment vehicle, and a small group of individual  investors, all of whom maintain an ownership interest in the company. 

Since he began his career in 1985, David's work has been focused on  the pricing of risk. He believes that risk is not to be feared. Rather,  we should strive to understand it better than others do so that we can  do our work with more confidence and better than anyone else can. 

He's lived this ideal in his leadership roles, which include the  creation and development of corporate risk management programs at three different  companies, the management of complex portfolios in excess of tens of  billions of dollars in size, the risk oversight of a complete suite of  public mutual funds for one of the world's largest banks, the  development of the first firmwide risk management program in the  mortgage banking business (1993) and by leading the rapid and successful  development of one of the world's premier professional associations for  those who practice risk management. 

David is the founder of the Directors and Chief Risk Officers' Group  ("the DCRO") - an international association of board directors, chief  risk officers, and other c-level executives whose work involves the governance of risk. He is the principal author of The Qualified Risk  Director Guidelines, a set of guiding principals developed by the DCRO  for boards to identify and recruit qualified risk experts to their membership. 

David's work has been recognized internationally, including being named as one of the winners of the inaugural M-prize for management innovation. He was honored as the recipient of the PRMIA Higher Standard Award in 2008 -  the top recognition bestowed on any member of the Professional Risk Managers' International Association. In 2007, his industry peers  nominated and selected him as one of the first 100 members of the Risk  Who's Who international honorary society. 

He is the author of the highly acclaimed book Governance Reimagined: Organizational Design, Risk, and Value Creation,  as well as numerous articles and chapters in textbooks. He's been  quoted in Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other  leading publications and, in his youth, was a regular guest on the Financial News Network (now CNBC). He serves on the editorial board of  the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions and was invited  to be the special editor of two issues of the JRMFI. 

David serves on the Advisory Board of MoneyScience and served as a  Mentor for the 2012 class of the acclaimed MiddCORE program of  Middlebury College. He was also the only non-alumnus invited to be a member of the 2011 TRIUM MBA Term Project Executive Board (TRIUM is a  joint program of NYU Stern School of Business, the London School of  Economics and Political Science, and HEC School of Management, Paris) 

David earned his M.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and  his B.A. degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Miami University in  Oxford, OH. He practices his work from an office in the beautiful  college town of Northfield, MN. 

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