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An essential component of any board is a director qualified to understand the governance of risk. Governance rating firms are now penalizing companies that fail to have this essential skill on their boards. We can help you to find the right candidate to enhance your board.

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Our contact database of active board directors and C-level executives with risk governance experience includes candidates from more than 110 countries and across dozens of industries.

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We stand behind our recommendations. Our net placement fees are invested in the shares of the publicly held companies for whom we recruit Qualified Risk Directors. Shouldn't all of your search partners do this?

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How to Hire a Qualified Risk Director

Corporate Risk and Insurance Magazine - "the Qualified Risk Director Guidelines identify an appetite for greater board risk governance and accountability in all sorts of organisations." 

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Are Board Risk Committees Becoming a Fiduciary Expectation?

An article from the Conference Board of Canada's Risk Watch on the increasing expectation from investors that boards establish formal risk committees.

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Qualifying a Director as a Risk Expert

Internal Auditor Magazine - " Boards have generally identified  experience and insight into risk management as an area where they need  to improve. As risk management is integral to any organization’s  success..." 

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OECD Risk Management and Corporate Governance Handbook

The 2014 OECD Handbook contains a reference to the Qualified Risk Director Guidelines


Risk Management and the Board of Directors

Harvard Law School Forum "Balancing risk and reward has never been more challenging than it is  today. Companies face risks that are more complex, interconnected and  potentially devastating than ever before." 

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Qualified Risk Director Guidelines

Guidance from a select committee of board directors and chief risk officers to organizations seeking to better govern risk through the  identification and recruitment of Qualified Risk Directors to their boards of directors.

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