The Governance of Risk-Taking

Board work is critical and difficult. We work with you to help your organization take risk better - to keep innovating and growing, while better governing downside exposure. 

Governance Reimagined isn't just the title of a book. It's a core philosphy that successful  organizations take to heart. Whether your company is successfully  growing and moving to the next stage, looking to be a leader and  exemplar in your industry, looking to enhance the quality of risk  governance,or simply wanting to do better, our award-winning approach  can help.

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The Governance of Risk

Best Practice Reviews

Risk governance standards and principles are well-established. Yet, many companies aren't aware that governance ratings agencies penalize them for not living up to these standards. We can help.

Qualified Risk Director Search

Our global network includes some of the world's best and most experienced in the governance of risk. The Qualified Risk Director Guidelines spell out what might be missing among your board members. We can find the right person for you.

Investor Engagement

Whether pre-IPO, or managing the interests of activist investors, our unique understanding of the link between risk governance and value creation allows us to serve a vital and independent role in telling your story.

The Directors and Chief Risk Officers Group ("the DCRO")

The DCRO is a highly selective network of Board Directors, Chief Risk Officers,  and other C-level executives whose work focuses on the governance of  risk. We emphasize the link between good governance by boards and board committees with the effective risk-taking and risk management activities  of organizations. We facilitate collaborative work among peers: development of guiding  principles and standards, peer-to-peer conference calls, web-based and  in-person interactions, and more. 

Members come from more than 115 countries and represent for-profits, non-profits, and public governance entities. Visit to learn more.

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