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There is a clear link between good governance and performance. Investors are measuring you on this and you may not even know what they think. Let us teach your Investor Relations experts how investors think about risk, ESG, and other factors that affect your ability to raise capital.

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Investor Relations

We work with your Board, C-suite, and IR leaders to help  you understand how the investment community and governance ratings firms view your company and what you can do to improve those assessments. Services include training on ESG investment factors and how they impact you.

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Activist Mediation

Minimize the potential for heated exchanges between activist investors, suspicious boards, and management. We speak the language of both sides and can serve as an intermediary and mediator of dialog around risk and governance - moving towards better outcomes for all involved.

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Best Practice Review

Trust is at the center of all good relationships. If your company is involved in the capital markets, or you are looking to do a new raise of capital, we can help you to identify and address potential investor concerns around risk and governance.

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