What Separates the Good From the Bad?

Not all companies are governed well. Not all companies create sustainable value.  What risks are hidden in your portfolio? On a retained basis, we provide clients with a hands-on risk governance review of portfolio investments, Sustainable Value Grades®, risk alerts, target company engagement, and featured reviews of exemplar companies. Our analysis is unique, award-winning, and market-tested. Don't miss the bad apples. Don't be fooled by risk. 

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Portfolio Shaping™

Consistently Better Outcomes

Portfolio Shaping™ is our service. It's a process whereby your equity portfolio performance is enhanced through better risk-taking. For each holding, we anlayze financial governance, quality of corporate  performance, ESG factors, risk perceptions, relative valuations, and more, all in comparison to substitute investments that may offer you a more  desireable profile. In sum, we help you reshape your portfolio for the better.

Sustainable Value Grades®

Our  unique insight to the ability of organizations to create value allows  us to distinguish between the good and the bad. Can a company continue  their outperformance, or do they present an unacceptable risk? Do they make efficient use of portfolio capital, or is it time to find a  substitute? This analysis is summarized in our Sustainable Value Grades® which we assign to more than 1,500 publicly traded companies in the  U.S. 

It's Moneyball Corporate Governance

The paralells between the well-known Moneyball story and better portfolio contstruction are many. Our models and process allow you to create even more value by allocating risk capital more  efficiently and finding both surprising risks and opportunities among  U.S. equities. 

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Is there large downside risk?

Is it time to hedge or substitute?

Who deserves your capital?

Grab a cup of coffee, and In 25 minutes learn the concept of Portfolio Shaping™ where forward-looking risk measures are compared to market valuations of U.S. equities to help improve portfolio performance. 

This service is for Institutional Investors.

Hands-on Engagement

Target Company Engagement

As an independent analyst, we can speak with companies directly to evaluate the quality of their risk governance infrastructure.  

Expert Analysis

With decades of real experience in portfolio management, risk management,  executive leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, innovative concepts, and  more, we provide an insight to the risk and potential value of  companies not found in other places. 

Featured Exemplars

As a subscriber to our services you'll be invited to participate in an intimate look at a select number of companies that rank highest in our governance and value analysis.  

For Exemplary Companies

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Innovative Ideas

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