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The videos and papers below are part of an award-winning collection of work. Our Founding Principal, David R. Koenig, was one of the first people to successfully link risk perceptions and risk governance to better corporate performance and improved portfolio returns. His idea, Risk Capital as Commons was honored with one of the innaugural M-Prizes for management innovation.

The concepts reviewed below will change the way you think about governance, risk, and value.

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Governance and Performance

An interview with David R. Koenig by the Loyola University Center for Integrated Risk Management and Corporate Governance.

The Intersection of Risk Management and Corporate Governance

A BrightTalk webinar that examines this critical intersection and how it is often misunderstood. 

Risk Capital as a Commons

A discussion of this award-winning concept and the critically acclaimed book, Governance Reimagined, on the Trust Across America radio show.

Portfolio Shaping: Risk, Risk Perceptions, and Equity Valuation

In 25 minutes, learn about the concept of Portfolio Shaping where forward-looking risk measures are compared to market valuations of U.S. equities to help improve portfolio performance.

Susatinable Value Grades and ESG Investing

In 25 minutes learn how Sustainable Value Grades®  present forward-looking risk measures that help to improve ESG-themed  portfolio performance.   

Governance Reimagined

The critically aclaimed book on the surprising ways that value is created,  the role that perceptions, behavior, and group dynamics play, and the  success of your organization. (John Wiley & Sons, 2012) 


The Human Reaction to Risk and Opportunity

An exploration of the impact that human perceptions and reactions to risk have on value. (2008)

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Aligning Compensation Systems with Risk Management Objectives

An exploration of the impact that poorly framed incentive structures can have on the value of organizations.  (2006)

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The Governance of Risk

An introduction to the special issue of the Journal of Risk  Management in Financial Institutions on Risk Governance. (2012)  

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The Governance of Value(s)

An article in the special issue of the Journal of Risk Management  in Financial Institutions on Risk Governance. (2012)  

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Moneyball Corporate Governance

An article on the paralells between the well-known Moneyball story and proper risk governance structures -  creating value by altering the possible outcomes for your organization or investment portfolio. (2017)

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The Blind Spots of Risk Management

An article in the special issue of the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions about potential failures in the governance of risk. (2008)

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An Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management

An article on the importance of changing enterprise risk  management from a focus on the downside to also inclusion of the pursuit  of gain. (2003) 

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Executives Speak Out on Corporate Governance

An article from Forbes where the author speaks with two highly influential former executives on the importance of corporate governance using the framework outlined in the book by David R. Koenig.

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Accounting for the Cost of Risk Management

An editorial on the potential cost of risk management on innovation. (2014)

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Business Line Advocacy - The Evolution of Risk Management

An article on the evolution of risk managers towards aiding in the creation of value. (2001)

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Risk Management as Value Added

An article on the way in which effective risk management can add value to organization (2004)

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Portfolio Shaping

The concept of resiliency is well-known among risk managers. It’s a  process that seeks to identify emerging problems and to interrupt them,  or to transfer their risk elsewhere. Portfolio Shaping is a term used to describe a process of resiliency building within portfolios.  

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Using The Value Equation To Exchange Cash Flows And Risk For Better Outcomes

Learn how to apply the Value Equation in equity valuation, how equity cash flows are similar to mortage-backed-security cash flows, and how risk expectations can distort portfolio performance.

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Are Board Risk Committees Becoming a Fiduciary Expectation?

An article from the Conference Board of Canada's Risk Watch on the increasing expectation from investors that boards establish formal risk committees.

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Guiding Principles for Compensation Committees

 Guidance  from an international group of board directors, chief risk officers,  and other C-level executives on how to best govern the link between pay,  performance, and risk via board Compensation Committees. 

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Qualified Risk Director® Guidelines

Guidance  from a select committee of board directors and chief risk officers to  organizations seeking to better govern risk through the  identification  and recruitment of Qualified Risk Directors® to their boards.

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